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Ashanti’s Balloon Boom is a small newly built business, established in June 2021. Owned by Ashanti Benjamin- Tuck, who’s passion & skills creating balloon displays have developed immensely over a short space of time. Ashanti’s Balloon Boom is a company that not only provides a range of styles of Balloon garlands; including bespoke styles, but party favours such as Party speaker, gasoline generator & picnic table hire, table set ups, party bags, Luna balloons, balloon column, cluster balloon garlands, personalised vinyl bespoke balloon designs plus more


Mission statement

Ashanti's Balloon Booms mission is to assist in providing decedent quality service so our clients can celebrate in style, creating lasting memories, with zero stress relating to the look and vibe of their event. The aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction with major attention to detail & competitive prices that are unmatched.

My story

If you are reading this, thank you for your time first of all. My name is Ashanti Benjamin-Tuck, I am passionate about expressing my creativity in an artistic fashion across the board. Most recently coming into the fold, creating balloon designs and memorable moments in way of making event special for the beautiful people who I work with (Everyone is beautiful to me). I am a bohemian airy fairy Queen (I wanted to say princess but I am  too old at this point) who enjoys trying my hardest to bring pleasantry to any and every one I come into contact with. I am a mother of 1 who I love dearly and we are a team who plan to take on the world, its contents and do very well whilst living our best lives

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